Got questions before we get started?


Here's a few common questions

From the time you sign up I can usually have your new website live within a week. It depends on how fast you respond with needed information.

Absolutely! I will walk you though setting it up on your computer and phone if needed.

Absolutely! if I purchase your new domain name for you, it still belongs to you.

Currently, I’m sitting on the beach in Laguna Beach! That’s the best part of web design, it is 100% online and remote. There is no need to meet in person. All I need is an internet connection. But all of the services I offer are 100% USA based!

I will create your new website using the wordpress platform. I will install a SSL security certificate so your site will have the [https] functionality and be secure. I will assign custom email addresses such as (support@yourdomain.com). I will maintain any and all security funtions as well as maintaining back-ups for your website. 

The only additional charges that would come up are if you found a specific theme you wanted to start with. That cost would be covered by you. Additionally – if you wanted to add a feature such as client booking or scheduling and a 3rd party service was needed, that cost would be covered by you. 

Absolutely! Your website can be cancelled anytime within the first 30 days of completion and going live for a full refund of everything you have paid. After that, your service can be cancelled anytime with no refunds. Keep in mind when you cancel – your website will be taken down. If you chose to keep your site active, you can purchase your website files outright and host them wherever you like. The cost to do that is $1000. Keep in mind the email addresses I provide are tied to the hosting. So you would need to set them up again where you are hosting your website.

Absolutely! I 100% support the success of my clients. So I do make posts that promote them.